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Live Dealer Casino

We provide the most entertaining live dealer casino experience available on the world-wide-web. uses state-of-the-art video and chat technologies to broadcasts live dealer casino games straight to your PC anywhere in the World.

Live Dealer is a lot of fun. While playing you can interact in real time with our professional live dealers! Who needs to drive or fly to a casino? offers a full range live dealer casino games like table Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Poker.

Online Players are sure to find what they are looking for every time.

Note: Use of the Live Dealer Casino will move all available funds into THE LIVE DEALER Casino account leaving your account empty.

When you log out of the Live Dealer casino all YOUR FUNDS will automatically transfer BACK to your account as an adjustment to your figure, leaving the new balance on your Player account.

For example:

ADJ- Moving Funds To Live Dealer Casino -$2000 10/25/2013 10:30 PM 541545685

EXPLANATION: Adding funds from live dealer casino" means player came out of the live dealer casino with his money (+$1500), and is not playing at the moment.

SUMMARY: Player when in the liver dealer casino on 10/24 10:30 pm with $2000 of his money. on the same date @ 10:50 pm he left the live dealer casino with only $1500. therefore he played for 20 minutes and his total loss in the live dealer casino was $500

For example:

If the player won $500 instead of losing $500, the "adding funds from live dealer casino" would say +$2500 because he went in to the live dealer casino with $2000 and came out with $2500.

Important Note: players who play live dealer casino past 11:59:59 pm will see their entire negative balance post it on the ending balance report.

For example:

Player took $500 total to the live dealer casino on 10/25 @ 11:30:59 pm. at exactly 12:00 am on 10/26 agent will see -$500 on the players end of weekly balance report. how ever the player is still playing. it does not mean that the player lost $500. once the player exits the live dealer casino, their "true balance" will be posted.

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